Global Aim

The Story

Thank you for visiting this site and welcome. I hope all is well with you and your enterprise as you read this first blog post. Cultivatics, Inc. has been a growing seed, and a dream of expertise and inspiration, which has evolved skill-wise for two decades. This new-age firm was officially born in 2017 after years of experience in technology implementations, global health informatics, service delivery in international settings. I am proud to be a minority-owned start-up which will begin to service global settings remotely while being an American expat currently based in Africa.


When realizing an important need for improved processes, efficient data management practices, and informatics support for healthcare settings, there was one thing missing – cultural competence and environmental awareness. Often-times, caress is needed that is not solely reflective of the business case nor solution itself, but more-so the necessity to connect with environmental and social needs. My aim is to cultivate and re-engineer while keeping in mind the cultural elements that impacts how systematic thinking is adopted and sustained. This is a social enterprise driven by consumer-focused skills fostered to aid in decision support, social behavior, data use, implementation, & digital literacy.

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