Global Aim

Branding This Vision

I’ve shared the story, but you may be wondering about the brand. When the company was founded, there was a need to have a name that represented the basis of my expertise: informatics as well as one of the main components which can help improve it – culture. But I did not stop there. With such, I also wanted to include my appreciation for humanism, evolution, and social wellness. Thus, culture stemmed into cultivation, I confirmed naming formalities, and knew that Cultivatics was the right fit.

My self-created logo went through a few iterations of edits initially. I wasn’t sure whether I’d focus on iconic branding specific to Africa (where I am currently), the USA (where I am from and wish to continue engaging in for projects), or the global realm. Once reflecting on this vision, I chose a globe that stems to the strides of virtue (“v” as the basis of the globe) I hope to achieve. The carefully selected colors are a warm grey (hex color #5F5F5F) as representative of the neutral foundation and the globe stemming from a serene tan (hex color #EDE8D8) to a softer gray (hex color #D0CEC6) as being synonymous to long-standing elements of the Earth and my objective nature. And a mature, yet savvy Cinzel Decorative text was chosen as the font. The CEO/Founder’s first and middle initials are “A.T.” – hence, the punctuation within the text. I am thankful for the research methods & tool(s) that encouraged ideas for the logo and have already confirmed full copyright with the art service I used to this facet of my self-designed brand.


While the visuals are very important, upon conception, I put much thought and desire into sharing my expertise and platform with the world. And as of today, I only wish for this evolving unit to continue to flourish and ripen.