Competitive Consultancy

The mastermind behind this au courant and innovative firm was inspired by her interactions with people and organizations when having related worldwide experiences. Having held complementary roles in Asia, Africa, & Latin America, to include wisdom gained as an employee of several of America’s top corporations (to include American Express, IBM, and McKesson, as well as the federal government’s Centers for Disease Control & Prevention), the CEO and Founder of Cultivatics, Inc. has 20 years of experience as a leading global informatics guru, both in experience and training. Furthermore, her knowledge is not limited to the following academic experiences:

∴ Doctor of Health Admin. in Information Systems, Medical University of South Carolina ∴
∴ Master of Science in Health Informatics, University of Iowa ∴
∴ Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Spelman College ∴

Cultivatics, Inc.’s practice of consultative measure translates into a big picture approach which focuses less on challenges and results, while empowering awareness and harvested perception which includes environmental cognizance and cultural competencies both in developed and underserved global settings. The breathtaking sentience then manifests itself in benefits of sustainability, improved coordination, organized strategy, and a more appreciative culture of information validity. Thank you for your patronage and partnership.