*NEW* Advisement for COVID-19 FDA-Approved Masks

Collaborating with a U.S. wellness firm to distribute masks throughout the world in conjunction with our distributor in Ghana. Masks are FDA-approved & are available for individual patrons as well as (most common) for bulk orders from medical & pharmaceutical institutions, schools/universities, corporations, etc. Many countries & regions are requiring or recommending the wearing of masks for improved protection.

Biomedical, Community, & Health Informatics

Health information management, disease surveillance, mobile health technologies, assessments and planning for health-focused tracking systems, medical data collection techniques, capacity-building for community health teams

Clinical Information System Implementation

Electronic health and medical records advisement, information planning for manual-to-electronic conversion, technical advisement and documentation for medical data, ancillary system support (laboratory, revenue cycle, pharmacy, mobile health, etc.), privacy and confidentiality of patient data, updating current workflows

Expert Witness for Informatics, IT, & Health Systems

Focus areas include international standards and policies, bioethics, data security, patient privacy, evaluation of system-readiness, protecting health information, review of vendors for healthcare services, information consent, quality assurance, and patient safety

Healthcare Operations & Planning

Defining ontrols and reporting, aligning strategies with the needs of stakeholders, improving core values and culture, policies and procedures, compliance and ethical best practices, short/medium/long-term contingency plans

Medical Administration

Sustainability planning, management and prioritization of healthcare and technology-focused activities, assessing clinical staff’s capacities, coordination of activities for improved health services, data collection and integrity, clinical decision-support

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