Biomedical, Community, & Health Informatics

  • Health information management
  • Medical data collection techniques (electronic or paper-based)
  • Remote disease surveillance & mobile advisement
  • Assessments and planning for health-focused tracking systems
  • Capacity-building for community health teams

Clinical Information System Implementation

  • Electronic health and medical records advisement
  • Information planning & technical advisement
  • Documentation for medical data
  • Ancillary system advisement (laboratory, revenue cycle, pharmacy, etc.)
  • Updating current workflows and logistical measures

Expert Witness & Advisement

  • Aligning with international standards and policies
  • Bioethics, data security, evaluation of system-readiness
  • Protecting health information
  • Review of vendors, assessments, & information consent
  • Quality assurance, protocol recommendations for patient safety

Healthcare Operations & Planning

  • Defining controls and reporting
  • Aligning strategies with the needs of stakeholders
  • Improving policies and procedures
  • Compliance and ethical best practices
  • Short/medium/long-term contingency plans

Medical Administration

  • Sustainability & infrastructure planning
  • Management & prioritization of healthcare technologies
  • Assessing medical staff & leadership capacities
  • Coordination of activities for improved health services
  • Data integrity & clinical decision-support options