Greetings! I am Dr. Adrienne, the mastermind behind this innovative & trusted firm. I’ve been inspired by my interactions with humanism and organizations through related worldwide experiences. Having held complementary roles in Africa, Asia, and North & Latin America, to include wisdom gained as an employee of several of America’s top corporations, non-governmental organizations, social enterprises, & the U.S. federal government, as the CEO and Founder of Cultivatics, Inc.®, I have 17 years of experience as a global health systems & medical administration guru.

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The breathtaking sentience then manifests itself in benefits of sustainability, improved coordination, organized strategy, measurable results, environmental cognizance within health systems, and a more appreciative culture of the information validity of medical data. I am an acknowledged expert & consultant for several international agencies (to include several for the United Nations) & clinical initiatives. In addition, I provide scientific & technical writing & editing to medical establishments worldwide, and have for well over a decade. I am also an editor for an international medical journal and such related services are rendered through my other firm, perDraft™.