Dr. Adrienne is an expert Global Health (Informatics) Advisor and has trained teams from domains such as medicine, technology, and academia, as well as and implemented clinical systems and healthcare procedures around the world. While providing technical and operations assistance to aid organizations in determining their gaps, she advises on methodology to improve and plan for sustainability and competitive improvements. She has engaged in renowned public health & scientific projects in Asia, Africa, & Latin America, to include wisdom gained as an employee of several of America’s top corporations (i.e., American Express, IBM, McKesson, & the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention). As the Founder of Cultivatics, Inc.™ with two decades of experience in service delivery & as a “big picture” guru, she is well-aware of the need for a global outlook that drives success, yet remains impactful. She keeps cultivation & cultural competencies at the forefront of such pursuit and believes in value-driven approaches. She is proudly Sierra Leonean-Gabonese (ethnicity) & American (nationality) with U.S.-based training at top institutions to supplement her vast experiences: Doctor of Health Administration in Information Systems from the Medical University of South Carolina, MSc in Biomedical & Health Informatics from the University of Iowa, BSc in Computer Science from Spelman College, and a host of other related exposures.

*I also have an entire global network of experts (most at the doctoral-trained level with 15+ years of experience) from the following domains: Pediatrics/Chiropractic/General medicine, M&E/MEL/MERL, Data science/Data structures, Cyber security, Digital logic, Bioinformatics, & Genetic analysis,  just to name a few.*