Inama (Podcast)

Cheers! On my Podcast, you will find some very short gems for health innovation & other related topics. These episodes are available on Apple iTunes, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Anchor, Spotify, etc.. Thank you for tuning in.

Work Plans with International Partners [Inama E25] Inama Health & Innovation with Dr. Adrienne

  1. Work Plans with International Partners [Inama E25]
  2. Mental Heath & Burn-out [Inama E24]
  3. What is Cultivation? [Inama E23]
  4. Multilingual as a Strength [Inama E22]
  5. When to Scale Health Systems [Inama E21]
  6. Birthdays in Africa [Inama E20]
  7. Why Do I Enjoy Technology? [Inama E19]
  8. Colleagues Across Cultures [Inama E18]
  9. Work-Life (Re)balance in Digital Health [Inama E17]
  10. Why Did I Become a Health Tech Consultant? [Inama E16]