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Greetings! More recently, Cultivatics shifted its status to an LLC, as opposed to an Inc. The change has been approved in the U.S. and the company conversion has been completed, with notification to the federal U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, a well. Moving forward with this decision has been quite helpful regarding profiling, service enhancements, small business objectives, other implications as I continue to also nurture the foreign branch, etc. This transition is exciting as I approach five years in business. Continued cultivation to you and yours. ~A

Global Aim


Cultivatics® now has a Podcast! Inama (which means “meeting,” “counsel,” and/or “advise in Kinyarwanda) is her name, as I am currently based in Rwanda (for a second humble & glorious time). This outlet shares short gems (two-minutes or so) of health & innovation from my time working abroad in #digitalhealth and #healthinformatics. I also share topics which are important to me, such as #diversity and life as a Black woman in #tech. I welcome you to subscribe and follow @cultivatics or Cultivatics (on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Anchor, & other social outlets). Be well and thank you! ~A

Global Aim


As I continue increasing my knowledge towards technical areas which are evolving, I’ve created my first NFT collection. The images are more than just instances from global and digital health experiences worldwide (many of the details & stories that are captured in my books). They are more than my alignment with emerging technologies and life-saving strategies in the international development space. They are representing solace for communities which deserve enhanced health-focused expertise and commitment to well-being. Oh, this life…*(the cover photo – one of my NFTs – is from Malawi, the first African country where I lived as a U.S. diplomat, after having worked in South Africa, China, India, Haiti, Morocco, etc.)*…my first book has a chapter dedicated to the strife and endurance experienced there as a professional with horrific circumstances. I am humbled & appreciative for all lessons-learned. Be well. ~A

Global Aim


Welcome to 2022. So many necessary life lessons, projects, global career experiences, and engagements have occurred since I last posted. Not only has the organization evolved into touching 10+ more countries, but as an individual, I’ve evolved to. I wish the absolute best to everyone striving to do good in the world. To the healthcare entities that have been overwhelmed or at a pause, the light will shine again. Maintain purpose and intention in all objectives. I am elated to see how the digital health domain continues to enhance lives worldwide. And I am honored to be a part of this transformation. ~A

Global Aim


Travels have transitioned to a beautiful land in East Africa for full-time work adventures, and additional good news is that Cultivatics Inc. now has a foreign branch here. And as I am delighted to offer consulting services through this mechanism, I am also so very excited about the engagement with you and your organization, and the chance to continue addressing health informatics & other digital needs globally. Contact me to learn more about scope and availability. ~A

Global Aim


Cheers to you. I’ve shared the story, but you may be wondering about the brand. When the company was founded, there was a need to have a name that represented the basis of my expertise: informatics as well as one of the main components which can help improve it – culture. But I did not stop there. With such, I also wanted to include my appreciation for humanism, evolution, and social wellness. Thus, culture stemmed into cultivation, I confirmed naming formalities, and knew that Cultivatics was the right fit. ~A


Once reflecting on this vision, I chose a globe that stems to the strides of virtue (“v” as the basis of the globe) I hope to achieve. The carefully selected colors as representative of the neutral foundation and the globe stemming from being synonymous to long-standing elements of the Earth and my objective nature. And a mature, yet savvy font was chosen, and my first and middle initials are “A.T.” – hence, the punctuation within the text. I am thankful for the research methods & tool(s) that encouraged ideas for the logo and have already confirmed full copyright of my branding. While the visuals are very important, upon conception, I put much thought and desire into sharing my expertise and platform with the world. And as of today, I only wish for this evolving unit to continue to flourish and ripen.



Thank you for visiting this site and welcome. I hope all is well with you. Cultivatics, Inc. has been a growing seed, and a dream of expertise and inspiration, which has evolved skill-wise for almost two decades. This new-age firm was officially born in 2017 after years of experience in technology implementations, global health informatics, & digital health service delivery. I am proud to be a woman-owned & minority-owned start-up which services global settings. ~A


My aim is to cultivate and re-engineer while keeping in mind the cultural elements that impacts how systematic thinking is adopted and sustained. This is a boutique health systems firm driven by decision support, social behavior, data use, implementation, & digital literacy…improving processes, efficient digital health management practices, and informatics support for healthcare settings. ~A

Contact me to learn more.