Climbing in Rwanda

Travels have transitioned to a beautiful land in East Africa for full-time work adventures, and additional good news is that Cultivatics Inc. hopes to provide services here in Rwanda! And as I am delighted to offer consulting services through this mechanism, I am also so very excited about the engagement with you and your organization, […]

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Branding This Vision

I’ve shared the story, but you may be wondering about the brand. When the company was founded, there was a need to have a name that represented the basis of my expertise: informatics as well as one of the main components which can help improve it – culture. But I did not stop there. With such, […]

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The Story

Thank you for visiting this site and welcome. I hope all is well with you and your enterprise as you read this first blog post. Cultivatics, Inc. has been a growing seed, and a dream of expertise and inspiration, which has evolved skill-wise for two decades. This new-age firm was officially born in 2017 after […]

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